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As a factory has more than 5000sqm workshop, with molding/ injection/ producing abilities, we offer OEM and ODM service to brand customers, meanwhile, we are not only an OEM manufacturer of hearing protection earphones, but also a proposal-based company that interprets the advanced thinking of customers into the best products. How do we offer the services to you? Here you might get some ideas.

From Development to Manufacturing
Abundant knowledge and feedback from the field

When we undertake development and manufacturing contracts, we will carry out the whole task from development to manufacturing in-house consistently. Thanks to our factory in Huadu, we receive live voices of the manufacturing site on top of years of experiences in the industry and know-how in the challenges of creating a large number of various products. Such products are born only because we value knowledge, experience, and the everyday voices of the field.

ODM/OEM Core Value

  • Offer high quality earphones in mission critical enviroments
  • Obtain international standard certificates
  • Assist customer to gain values, to be the asset of customers' supplychain
  • Grow with customers

Our Strengths in R&D

  • 1/3 R&D teammates in Headquarter
  • Average industrial experience more than 15 years
  • Top 5 world brand company R&D background
  • 72 hours Fast Evaluation Feedback

Our R&D Work Process


Inquiry Study & Spec. Evaluation

Leadtime: 3 days


UI Definitions

ID confirmation Constructure Design

Leadtime: 14 days


EVT Sample Test

Prototype Production With 3D Printer

Leadtime: 20 days


DVT Sample Test

T0&TP1&TP2 Sample Test

Leadtime: 40 days


Pre-production Sample test

Leadtime: 30 days


Mass Production

Leadtime: 30-40 days


Tips Before Inquiries

Please follow below tips before inquiries:

  • Minimum Order Quantity Required
  • NRE Payment Terms: 100% NRE Cost Paid Advanced
  • Online/Face-to-face Meeting Available