Opsmen factory is located in Huadu district, Guangzhou, which is 30min by car from the head office. The factory procures materials, assembles, inspects, and delivery. It provides high-quality products to our customers through detailed discussions with the development team from the very initial designing stage to mass production.

At the same time, a smart factory is planned established in the coming years.

Online factory tour is always welcomed, please feel free contact us.

Factory Name

Opsmen Tech Co., Ltd. Huadu Branch


6th Floor, Building No.1, No.7 Pingshan Private Industrial Park, Huashan Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China


86 20 81179170


86 20 81179171

Beginning of Operation

Feb, 2017

Site Area


Manufacturing Plant

PCBA Inspection, Assembling, Testing, Packing, Warehouse Plant

Production Capacity

About 1 million pcs per year



Certification, Registration

Medical Device Manufacturing Registration Certificate

List of Equipment Owned by us

PCBA Tester
Laser Printer
Earphone Functional Tester
NRR Acoustics Tester
Other Acoustics Tester

5 Strengths for
Opsmen Factory

Opsmen not only offers development and manufacturing contract (ODM, OEM) services that meet the needs of customers, but also OMS (Opsmen Manufacturing Services) services that adopt the resources of Opsmen Factory.

1 Highly Collaborative Supplier Of Raw Material

2 hours by car


Most of our suppliers are 2 hours by car away from our factory to ensure the lead time of the raw material.

2-3 days delivery


The delivery time from the supplier to Opsmen factory is 2-3 days to ensure stable lead time.

2 Cost Control

Professional Purchasing Team


The professional purchasing team control the cost in a reasonable range to save the customers' cost.

100% IQC

All the raw material will be checked when they are inbound to reduce the rate of waste.

High Efficient Skilled Workers

The skilled workers are the basis for the consistent quality of goods as well as the guarantee of production capacity, which is able to increase 15% higher capacity if necessary.

3 Production Process

Professional SOP

SOP makes workers to clearly figure out the production process to ensure the accuracy of the production and quality of the product.

PCBA Electric Welding

Auto machine to weld the PCBA to 100% quality

Wire Soldering

The job position is responsible by the core skilled workers


The average age of assembling team for this position is 23 years old to increase the product capacity


The QC team consists of 5 colleagues in different production stages to ensure the quality stability of each product.

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Packaging is the final step of the production, including the headset, the accessories and the user manual.

4 Laboratory


The laboratory in the factory is to test the products before mass production to ensure the stability of functionality.

5 Fast Shipping

Door-to-door sea service

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Door-to-door sea service to offer the customers one-stop service

Small Qty Air Shipment within 10 days

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For urgent requirement or special demand, UPS, DHL, SF Express, FedEx are also available.