Located in Huadu district, Guangzhou, the Opsmen factory is only 30 minutes by car from the head office. This high level manufacturing facility and warehouse procures materials, assembles, inspects, and delivers. Detailed discussions with the development team from the very initial designing stage, on through mass production, are key to delivering top-notch products to our customers.

Stay tuned: we’re also planning to build a “smart” factory over the next few years

You’re always welcome to join us for an online factory tour—please feel free to book one through our contact form.

Factory Name

Opsmen Tech Co., Ltd. Huadu Branch


6th Floor, Building No.1, No.7 Pingshan Private Industrial Park, Huashan Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China


86 20 81179170


86 20 81179171

Beginning of Operation

Feb, 2017

Site Area


Manufacturing Plant

PCBA Inspection, Assembling, Testing, Packing, Warehouse Plant

Production Capacity

About 1 million pcs per year



Certification, Registration

Medical Device Manufacturing Registration Certificate

List of Equipment Owned by us

PCBA Tester
Laser Printer
Earphone Functional Tester
NRR Acoustics Tester
Other Acoustics Tester

5 Strengths for
Opsmen Factory

Opsmen not only offers customized development and manufacturing contract (ODM, OEM) services for our customers, but also precise OMS (Opsmen Manufacturing Services) – drawing on the resources and know-how of our very own factory.

1 Highly Collaborative Supplier Of Raw Material

2 hours by car


Most of our suppliers are just a 2-hour drive from our factory, meaning raw materials are always within reach.

2-3 days delivery


The delivery time from suppliers to the Opsmen factory is just 2-3 days, ensuring a stable lead time.

2 Cost Control

Professional Purchasing Team


The delivery time from suppliers to the Opsmen factory is just 2-3 days, ensuring a stable lead time.

100% IQC

All inbound raw materials are carefully checked in order to reduce waste and secure quality.

High Efficient Skilled Workers

Skilled workers are the basis for the consistently top grade goods we handle and produce. Their know-how is also what guarantees a high production capacity, and the ability to bump it up on demand.

3 Production Process

Professional SOP


A top-notch standard operating procedure allows our technicians to devise and oversee the best production process. It’s this sort of professionalism at every level that ensures the accuracy of the order, and the excellence of the end product.

PCBA Electric Welding

Our superb PCBA provides a high degree of mechanical equipment integration, and that guarantees the soundness of finished electronic device components.

Wire Soldering

Our core skilled trades workers take exacting care in making sure every part is properly secured, connected, insulated, routed and set up.


The average age of our assembling team staff is 23 years old – young enough to maximize the work output, old enough to be properly experienced, knowledgeable and integrated into the rhythms of the job


The QC team consists of 5 experienced colleagues, located at different production stages, to ensure the soundness of each product..


Packaging is the final step in production, including the headset, accessories and user manual.

4 Laboratory


Before mass production, our wares are laboratory tested to ensure their stability and functionality.

5 Fast Shipping

Door-to-door sea service


Door-to-door sea service to offer customers one-stop service

Small Qty Air Shipment within 10 days


For urgent or special orders, UPS, DHL, SF Express, and FedEx are also available.